If you would like to contribute to YELLAWE, donations can be made to FCS, Inc.  The mission of FCS, Inc. is to inspire innovation in education, through creative programs and community events that explore the connections between ancient wisdom and modern scientific discovery.  We have a special commitment to serving low-income, minority communities and at-risk youth by teaching science, culture and philosophy with a holistic approach that honors ancestral traditions and embodies the creative spirit.

Please join us in making the YELLAWE program a success.

Your support goes a long way to benefiting our youth—

opening doors to a future with skills, opportunities and hope

Join Us!

Help us provide an opportunity to transform the lives of talented youth--


Enclosed is my tax-deductible gift  YELLAWE  in the amount of $ __________.


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                                            Bronze Sponsors

$50           Provides 2 students with a month’s mentorship stipend

$100         Provides computer ink for 10 students (one trimester)            

$250         Provides healthy snacks for 25 students (one month)

                                             Silver Sponsors

$500         Provides Theater Arts materials for one student performance

$1,000      Provides 2 cameras/ plus film for the program

                                               Gold sponsors

$5,000      Provides music video production for 25 students (one trimester)

$10,000     Provides participation for 10 students for summer program


Please make your gift to: FCS, Inc. 287 17th Street (Suite 400), Oakland, CA 94612


YELLAWE is a program of FCS, Inc.  a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. 

Many companies offer matching gift programs for charitable organizations.  Please contact your human resources office for a matching gift form. Thank you. You will be sent a letter recognizing your gift. Donators giving  $1000 and above, may receive recognition on our website and in other publicity